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Bronze Pipe Fitting
Bronze Pipe Fitting is used in numerous applications such as hot water plumbing, heating systems, pneumatic and marine type construction. It posses abrasion resistance, excellent performance, sturdy construction etc.
Metal Bushes
Metal Bushes are resistant to heat and can withstand maximum temperature. These are efficient in reducing the friction between rotating shaft as well as stationary support members.
Forged Flanges
Forged Flanges are used for joining pump, pipes, valves and other equipments. These are anti-corrosive in nature, rugged in structure and provide good sealing properties. The said products give easy access for cleaning and inspection.
Bronze Impeller
Bronze Impeller work as a rotor for reducing as well as increasing the pressure and of gases or liquids. It is integrated with features like tough strength, robust construction, durability etc.

Bronze Valves
Our bronze Valves are designed for avoiding the reverse flow of liquids or gases in pipe. These are eminent in allowing smooth operation and optimum service. The said products are easy to use and highly durable.
Y Strainer Bronze and Brass
Y Strainers Bronze And Brass is created for the removal of unwanted particles such as sands, gravel etc. from the liquid. These are also used for gas or steam applications.
Pipe Elbows
Pipe Elbows are acquired in numerous industries which include chemical, medical, civil engineering etc. for joining two different parts of pipes. These are easy to handle due to their modular and compact design.

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